Initial Assessment

Detailed and comprehensive physiotherapy assessment of your primary concern(s) in order to develop a clear orthopedic diagnosis and craft an Individualized treatment plan. The first appointment includes treatment as time permits. 

*If you are interested in a yoga screening or movement optimization assessment, this is also the appointment type to book.

60 minutes at $110

Follow-up Physiotherapy Treatment

Each follow-up treatment session will start with a brief re-assessment. Depending on your specific diagnosis, goals and progress, each treatment session will vary and may include manual therapy, specific movement and strength training, exercise prescription for home, postural retraining, acupuncture and advice to help you treat yourself.  

30 minutes at $75

45 minutes at $100

60 minutes at $125


In addition to being a Physiotherapist, I am a Yoga Instructor. If you are returning to yoga after an injury, are new to yoga, or simply prefer one-to-one guidance over group classes, private yoga sessions could help you meet your goals.  Please send me an email here if you would like to explore this option.

I am also happy to conduct a screening appointment to ensure you are safe to start yoga or safe to return to yoga after injury. Please book an initial assessment appointment for a screening.  

Now Available! - Yoga Classes - small group classes running every quarter at Transitions in Health! Check my Facebook page for details and sign up online on my booking page.